Finder Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.

Finder Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.
Finder Electronic Technology Co. Limited is a professional manufacturer and exporter in the field of computer peripherals, and printer consuming products, with the base in Hong Kong and China mainland. Our two production base had been located in Baoan, Shenzhen and longdong, Guangzhou, which are all well organized with total quality management and under ISO 9002 international standard system.

We have been in manufacturing and exporting the printer consumables for more than 6 years. The main series of laser toner and inkjet cartridge we are carrying now are HP, SUMSUNG, CANON, EPSON, LEXMARK AND XEROX etc, and our laser toner cartridge and ink cartridge are all available with customized packing and our neutral packing, which is competitive on both quality and prices. Besides the aforementioned products, we also supply the toner cartridge parts, which including the OPC Drum, PCR, Blade, MR, DR+PCR and SR etc. Currently we can produce around 20,000 PCS environment-friendly toner cartridge each month, which are for exporting at 100%.

We welcome customers from worldwide. Please contact us right away for any more information or support you need.
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